About us

Welcome to Desejo do Brazil!

Desejo do Brazil is a Brazilian Steakhouse offering a wide selection of top quality meat in a tradtional Churrasco style. Churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term for the word meat, specifically beef. We are a steakhouse serving a wide variety of meat with our signature recipes. Our Passadores come to your table, to elegantly serve you different types of meat, from steak, to beef cuts, chicken and pork. This service, commonly known as Rodizio, is highly skilled and widely used across Brazil.

We are passionate about Brazil and wanted to find a way to share our hospitality with London. Of course Brazil is equally well-known for its cocktails, and in particular, the world famous Caipirinha. Our fabulous recipe is made with the typical Brazilian Cachaca.

So come along and enjoy our hospitality to experience our unique taste of Brazil. Visit Desejo do Brazil and enjoy a taste of Brazil in London

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